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Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis

July 25, 2009
Fire the entire team!

By Michael Lewis Editor

Memo to Red Bulls sporting director Jeff Agoos and managing director Erik Stover:

I realize sports clubs don't as a rule fire the entire team, and usually the coach is the one who goes. But given this woeful Red Bulls' season, here is a novel idea that will shake things up: Fire the coach and the entire team.

Yes, I know that without a coach and a team the club will be forced to forfeit the rest of the season.

But anything must be better than the fans endured while watching a heartless Red Bulls team in their putrid 4-0 loss to the Colorado Rapids on Saturday night

The Red Bulls would be better off forfeiting the rest of the season because the garbage we see on the field is downright embarrassing.

I had to watch the game because, well, I have to. I just wonder how many fans turned off their TVs in the second half because the effort certainly wasn't there.

That was one difficult game to watch if you were a Red Bulls fan.

I know there are bonus clauses in many MLS contracts for individual accomplishments and all-star selections, etc. etc.

But I am wondering do any of the players have a devaluation clause if they play so poorly that they have give back some of the money.

The Red Bulls keep talking about getting a second chance in the CONCACAF Champions League -- they start their qualifying quest against W Connection on Thursday. But they have shown me very little desire to make a serious effort in the MLS season.

Will the Champions League be any better?

If someone from the organization can make some sense out of this, please do. I invite them, whether it be Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz, any member of the front office (Agoos and Stover included), coach Juan Carlos Osorio to write a column on this website to explain the mess -- if it can be explained.

Michael Lewis would like to hear from you. If you have a comment, drop him a line at email.

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