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My Two Cents

My Two Cents

March 22, 2014
The Starting XI: Fan Will Smith has some observations of Red Bulls, NYC FC, Cosmos

Soccer fan Will Smith is from Brooklyn

By Will Smith
Special to

The MLS season is here and the NASL season will be soon upon us. Allow me to lift my head from my winter slumber and share with you some soccer-specific thoughts than have been swimming around my head lately:

1) Nearly 10 months after they were announced as Major League Soccer's 20th team, I have yet to hear anyone say, "I plan on supporting NYCFC."

2) Why do 50 percent of Red Bulls fan get to the stadium after the 20th minute? I know the traffic is terrible around the stadium, but, come on, just leave earlier if you can.

3) Exiting Red Bull Arena is another story. This is the fifth year the stadium has been operating. You would think that the Harrison police would have worked out the traffic patterns by now.

4) How many more years will Delaware North be allowed to run the concessions at Red Bull Arena? The slow speed at which they serve acts as a deterrent to over-eating, that's for sure.

5) I like the NYC FC badge, but I wish the one they chose had some orange in it as it is an official New York City color.

6) At what point will the Red Bulls' lack of creativity at central midfield cause them to move Tim Cahill up top and start either Peguy Luylindula or Ruben Bover in the middle?

7) NYC FC is going to end up at either Yankee Stadium or Columbia University in 2015 and they're going to be there along time as there's no way Mayor de Blasio is spending public money on building them a soccer specific stadium any time soon.

8) The Cosmos will win the NASL title this year, but it won't be easy as San Antonio, among others, are vastly improved.

9) The Cosmos will be lucky to draw as well as they did last season. The newness is gone, the home schedule carries a Monday night tilt and, let's be honest, Long Island sports fans are terrible about actually going to games. How terrible? The New York Islanders are moving to Brooklyn next year.

10) Freddy Adu is still unemployed. The Cosmos should sign him and play him as an attacking mid. It'll create some press and perhaps a little bit of a circus-like atmosphere. To capitalize on that, the Cosmos should have "Freddy Adu Clown Nose Night" in August. Freddy can even wear those big clown shoes during the national anthem. Kids will love it.

11) I love NY area soccer fans and the put downs the give each other. Let's see... The Red Bulls are "corporate branding." NYC FC is a "marketing ploy for Manchester City" and the Cosmos exist to sell "memories and merchandise." Congratulations! You're all right! All teams exist to make money! The idea that any one fan group sees itself as "pure" while the others are "fakes" is deeply laughable. Just go to the games and enjoy yourself, ok? Really, don't be a haughty jerk.

Good luck to all the locals. They will need it this year and beyond.
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