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My Two Cents

My Two Cents

October 6, 2014
Some thoughts about an aging Thierry Henry

Vish Murthy is a long-time soccer fan from Princeton, N.J.

By Vish Murthy
Special to

I love Craig Burley as a color commentator. He sealed it for me, recently (try ESPNFC Podcast of Oct. 3), when he remarked that Thierry Henry used to be a “frightening” player during his days at Arsenal.

The term "frightening" has more adorable views for me and stronger over tons of reverence than the word “awesome” that I and others commonly use to describe something great.

Burley added that most of the MLS fans in the USA had not witnessed what Henry was capable of back then.

Yes, those were the days of non-existent soccer coverage in the United States and one was lucky if as an American fan you could catch an Arsenal coverage in the UEFA Champion’s League. We did catch Henry playing mostly for France in World Cup 1998 and occasionally later.

We got a bit luckier when GolTV stepped in and started to show La Liga and Barcelona games day in and day out (here one cannot forget Ray Hudson’s poetic descriptions of a play or the comments of his well synchronized partner Phil Schoen).

Other than a certain gloominess in coming to know, that a Henry era might be dramatically winding down on this soil, it is a little puzzling for me, as a Red Bulls fan, to find the strange way Gerrard Houllier has gone bout in handling the matter.

He dropped a somewhat emphatic remark that Henry will not be playing with the Red Bulls next year. Then he goes to France Football and reconfirms the same. But within 24 hours he goes over to L’Equipe to provide a strange twist that Henry may extend his stay with the Bulls.

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