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My Two Cents

My Two Cents

December 17, 2014
One fan's letter to Santa

Will Smith is a long-time soccer fan from Brooklyn.

By Will Smith
Special to Editor

Dear Santa,

Hi. How are you? I hope it's not too late to write. I meant to be in touch earlier, but work has been crazy, what with year end and all.

Anyway, if you think I've been a good boy this year, I'm humbly asking for three gifts (no mihrr please): not for myself, mind you, but for our local soccer clubs.

For the horribly named NYC FC, I ask that, in recognition of how important this franchise is to the long term success of MLS, you please give them great success. May they have great attendance numbers, build their own 25,000-seat stadium in the South Bronx and be a contender every year (albeit one that never wins a trophy, ok, Santa?)

For the Red Bulls, I ask that they find a suitable replacement for the recently retired Thierry Henry so Bradley Wright-Phillips can keep scoring goals and the team can remain in the hunt. It would be a shame to see the team back slide now after their successes these past few years.

For the Cosmos, I'd like to see an NASL championship, big crowds turning out to see Raul and the Belmont Crossing plan approved so they too can have their own arena. Anyone who thinks the NY metropolitan area can't support three teams in any one sport clearly hasn't watched any hockey. Let NYC FC grab the fans from the Bronx, Manhattan and Westchester and let the Red Bulls take New Jersey, Staten Island and Brooklyn. That leaves Queens, Nassau and Suffolk for the Cosmos. There's plenty of futbol to go around.

You know, Santa, the NASL really is a gift to US Soccer. Just when MLS was on the verge of getting complacent and turning into the corporate product the NFL has become, the NASL has come along to poke it, irritate it and make it react. You can tell they're making an impact because people who don't like the NASL get all up in arms over them and denounce them the way Euro-snobs denounce MLS.

In a way, the MLS vs. NASL issue reminds me a little of how music was in the late 70s. When rock n roll and soul music turned into Styx, Kansas and Melissa Manchester, the world really needed punk and hip hop to shake things up and make it fun again. In an odd way, the Cosmos are a little like the Ramones; and what's better than that?????

I ask for nothing for myself this year, Santa. You have blessed me many times over. If you can help the locals out, however, that would be great.

Have a wonderful Christmas. Don't work to hard. Please send my love to Mrs. Claus, the reindeers and all the elves.

Bon Natale!

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