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My Two Cents

My Two Cents

January 8, 2015
It's time for this fan to leave the Red Bulls

Sean Johnson is a long-time soccer fan.

By Sean Johnson
Special to

They expect us to cool down, to quiet down. They treat us as minnows. They expect, in a day or two, that the anger will go away. Then, they expect they can continue to behave as they are, unchecked.

They expect we're all talk and no action and that we'll start buying our season tickets again in no time because they don't respect us. They'll sit behind their desks laughing at us, thinking we're just fickle, raving NY sports fans who are never happy.

There's been a lot of accusations towards fans ready to jump ship that they're not real NYRB fans. They'll accuse us of disloyalty. They'll do this while they continue to feed the dogs that bite them. They'll do this and give [Ali] Curtis and the owners the carte blanche to do as they please even at the expense of the fans who are responsible for the continued existence of this team.

I cannot make anyone do anything. I can merely say that we do have power. We have the power to damage the profits of NYRB. When they feel the money drying up, Curtis will go, [Jesse] Marsch will go, and maybe [Mike] Petke will return. Only then will "real fans" support the actions of the leadership. Only then will they earn our dollars.

NYRB fans. Know your power. Would it as long as it takes.

I've alerted my friends and family to not buy me any more NYRB gifts. I've also ruled out season or partial season tickets for 2015 and beyond. I'm considering buying the merchandise of a rival club or non-MLS club as protest. When I do, NYRB will be sent a picture of the receipt as proof.

If it is only me, so be it. If it is more, then our power begins to show.

I have been a 20-year MLS fan. I've been a repeat NYRB season ticket holder. I am standing up for the team I grew to love. I hope you'll stand with me and others.

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