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My Two Cents

My Two Cents

March 4, 2016
11 wishes for the 2016 season

Long-time soccer fan Will Smith of Brooklyn, N.Y. has penned a list of 11 things he would love to see this soccer season.

By Will Smith
Special to

The 2016 Major League Soccer season is upon us and the North American Soccer League will follow shortly thereafter.

In light of the fact that the NY metropolitan area has representatives in both leagues, here are 11 things I'd like to see this season with regard to our local teams and the leagues they play in:

1) Red Bulls win the MLS Cup:

Yes, Supporters Shields are nice, but you haven't won anything until you've one the cup.

2) More playing time for Poku:

I dislike the very notion of NYC FC, but I enjoy watching Kwadwo Poku play. He is always a great spark off the bench and is a pleasure to behold. He should be in the line-up instead of the geriatrics NYC FC call starters.

3) Cosmos win the Lamar Hunt/U.S. Open Cup:

The Cosmos are a very ambitious club who don't necessarily see themselves as a second division side. If they can win the Open Cup by beating one of MLS's big squads, like Seattle or LA in the final, it's impact would be not unlike the one Super Bowl III had on football.

4) More playing time for Sean Davis:

The Red Bulls are blessed with a deep, talented midfield. Alas, that blessing is a curse for young Sean Davis, whose playing time is limited by virtue of being surrounded by such quality. With the lack of depth the Red Bulls have on the back line, they might be well served by having the sure-footed Mr. Davis feature in the rear on occasion, lest his skills erode from inactivity.

5) Terrible Seasons for Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo:

I say this not because of my distaste for NYC FC but, rather, because these two clowns are the exact type of players MLS teams should not be signing -- old, past their prime Europeans who come here at the end of their careers looking for one more payday. Watching them run around in desperate need of an iron lung last summer did nothing to sway the opinion of anyone who considers MLS to be a Euro retirement home. MLS needs these two to have terrible seasons, pack it in, stop embarrassing the league and tell their fellow Euro pensioners to stay home from now on.

6) Cosmos get a stadium:

I'm okay with it being in Nassau County, but, for selfish reasons, would prefer Brooklyn. That said, the only way they and the NASL can establish stability is with a permanent home. It doesn't matter if its 15,000 or 25,000 seats or even 10,000. It just needs to be permanent and it needs to be theirs.

7) Red Bulls fans Stop complaining about the team being named after an energy drink:

It is what it is and, at this point, the team has played more games as the Red Bulls than they did as the MetroStars, which was a stupid name anyway. In addition, this ownership gave fans a beautiful stadium and a consistently competitive team. So stop complaining.

8) NYC FC fans stop acting like cartoon English hooligans circa 1980:

Really, guys, it's embarrassing and, since you're not smart enough to be embarrassed, I'm embarrassed for you and I don't like spending my time being embarrassed.

9) The Cosmos sign Fernando Torres:

I know it's not going to happen, but it would be fun to see him play here.

10) Mark de Grandpre needs to stop wearing the circa 2006 white shirt, blue jeans and blazer at press conferences:

It's such an outdated look that I half expect him to do the "Hey Yeah" dance or waxing poetic about the Strokes when I see him so attired.

11) NASL commissioner Bill Peterson should throw down the gauntlet to Don Garber:

He should either challenge the MLS champs to a game against the NASL champion or challenge the Don to a rap war. Maybe a dance off or a one on one in the ring with blindfolds on. Who wouldn't want to see that? I guarantee you DeGranpre wears his blazer to that event.

If these things come to pass, 2016 will be another great soccer summer in New York.

Let the games begin!

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