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My Two Cents

My Two Cents

December 24, 2016
Train up a child on the way he should go

Joy Rubenstein is a soccer fan, mother, baby boomer and rabbi.

By Joy Rubenstein
Special to

The college soccer player that is suing her former college is a disturbing situation.

Here is a woman who earned a scholarship, which was probably a coveted prize. She lost the scholarship of her own volition by flipping the bird to the media and cameras after a game. She claims that it was a celebratory finger. We all know that is not true. So, she lost the scholarship, which probably came with rules regarding conduct as well as grades. She represented her school, and she did it badly.

Then, she had the nerve to say that these kinds of things shouldn't be happening to her. She also said that plenty of male athletes do bad things and they aren't punished as harshly.

There is so much to break down in what she has said, and it's sad. I can't say that it's a generational phenomenon. There have been bad apples among all generations of athletes. Most of the athletes, through time, seem to be good people, with kind hearts and generous spirits.

We also probably need harsher punishment where athletes, especially star athletes are concerned. When a Duke University basketball player can constantly trip his opponents, when there is hazing, when there is racism and sexism on the team there needs to be a price paid. Athletes should not be given better grades to make a team.

It's not my place to indict the NCAA in this article.

This female athlete has obtained a partial scholarship to another school and is currently playing there. She was never cut from her original team or suspended from school. She only lost her scholarship. This was from her own actions, and yes, she did deserve it.

Why she felt that she was above any reproach for her actions was probably what she went through while growing up as an outstanding athlete. Athletes are given preferential treatment throughout the growing up experience. Even poor athletes are given trophies as long as the fees are paid to the leagues. This needs to stop. Participation trophies make all truly earned trophies into a joke.

Parents teach their children disrespect by challenging coaches on behalf of their children's playing times. Times have changed since back in the day. Now, if a parent gets a call about a child doing something bad at school, they may take the side of the child without listening to what the teacher says. Back in the not too far back day, if a child got reported at school, the parent made sure to hear the teacher's side, and if the child was wrong, the punishment stood.

Parents are so afraid to hurt their children’s self-esteem that they praise them for every little thing that they do. It is rare to see children doing the chores that most of us did when we were young. Parents live their lives for their children, bringing them to activities that they think will get them into a better school in the future.

We have to be examples for our children. We have to teach them that bad behavior is disrespectful to themselves, their families, their schools and their teams. They must take responsibility for their actions. They need to respect the media, because stories about good athletes are great, but stories about bad athletes are tabloid fodder.

This woman should think twice about suing the school. I hope her parents aren't supporting her bad behavior by approving of this lawsuit. The school did its part by giving her a gift. In return, she gave them the bird.

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